B.Bright Communications is a leading international marketing communications company, strategic partner of dentsu.

Our strategic insights and innovative practices build and sustain strong corporate and brand reputations.

We provide our clients with a full spectrum of services, including public relations, reputation management, crisis management, digital strategy, event marketing, strategic brand management consulting and much more. Our clients range from global corporation, industry associations, governments to mediumsized local businesses. Our special focus is on international marketing; clients engage us when they need to adapt their brands and business models to foreign market environments, proactively reach and develop international audiences. Clients come to us when they need communication campaigns based on knowledge, extensive research and industry insights. As a strategic partner of dentsu, we have global marketing communications capabilities, including government relations. Together with dentsu, our business is to help our clients establish relationships and effectively engage multiple audiences, local as well as international. We are committed to authentic communication, quality, creativity, and global citizenship.

B2B Communications

We help our clients build relationships and trust with their business partners by developing authentic engagement, functional and emotional relevance on a “win-win” basis.

Strategic brand management consulting

We help our clients to adapt their brands to local market environments by interpreting and communicating brand values and value propositions to country and regionspecific audiences, taking into account local culture, norms and tastes. In many cases we help to adjust and fine-tune not only brand communications, but entire business models to local environments.

Reputation management

We help clients to proactively manage their most important assets: reputation and trust, to quickly and smartly respond to potentially dangerous issues and disruptions while staying focused on core values and business goals.

Market entry and multicultural engagement

We assist our clients in seamless market entry through comprehensive market research, brand positioning and message adaptation. In our age of transparency, hyper connectivity and multiple spheres of shared influence, our approach to multicultural engagement delivers our clients increases in both audience reach and emotional resonance with their multiple stakeholders.

Government relations

We are well-versed in the intricacies of working with government agencies, government stakeholder groups such as political advocacy organisations. We know how to meet government requirements, manage costs and mitigate risks without compromising quality or creativity.

Branded entertainment

We integrate brand messaging and product into top-rated TV shows and movies, create and distribute original content that help our clients make a real impact on their audiences.

Digital marketing

Digital and social strategy is one of our strongest competencies and is always insight-led. We test and refine content to make sure it’s fresh, shareable and relevant to the audiences it needs to reach.Our team comprises experts in web development, design and UX to ensure seamless brand experiences across multiple digital devices.We bring stories to life by using all forms of audio visual content – from TV campaigns, online videos and animation, to casual gaming, quizzes and bespoke online engagement tools.

Event marketing

Experiential marketing is all about creating unique and memorable connections between brands and their audiences. By working with us at event planning and execution, our clients gain direct access to engaged consumers and thus build brand equity that translates into financial results. Our expertise in event marketing is as follows: strategic planning and program development, sponsorship management, sports marketing, music marketing, brand ambassador staffing, social media integration.

Executive Coaching Services

Our training experts can help corporate and government leaders with a variety of services to effectively engage their multiple audiences. Our services include: Media & Message Training - interview preparation tips and realistic practice with print, radio and television interviews. And Executive Coaching - we help corporate leaders to build confidence in public speaking, polish presentations skills to effectively communicate with internal and external audiences.

Content marketing

We help our clients create and spread trustworthy and appealing content using a variety of vehicels, from building a pool of influencers and brand advocates to developing native formats across different media platforms.



Our team is capable of providing smart integrated communications solutions to the most complex communications challenges across geographies, sectors and communications channels, ranging from corporate reputations management to public, social, business and brand communications; as well as across-discipline solutions.

We have a truly outstanding team of seasoned professionals in international marketing communications:

Irina Belozertseva
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Irina Belozertseva</span>


Irina has been working in PR for over 15 years. She worked as the Corporate Communications and Marketing Director at dentsu and provided support in terms of Public Affairs. She managed major PR projects of dentsu’s clients. She is a co-founder of the leading international institutes of political expertise. Irina is also the Head of the Communication committee at AKAR Russia. Since 2007 Irina has been regularly ranked in the Association of Russian Managers’ TOP-1000 best managers list. Irina worked with more than twenty Russian and international brands with projects spanning Europe, USA, Latin America and the APAC region. Some of the realized projects are awarded by Silver Archer and PROBA-IPRA.
Evgeniya Bogomolova
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Evgeniya Bogomolova</span>

Chief Operating Officer

Evgeniya is responsible for the agency’s quality standards implementation and managing communications with international partners. She also oversees and coordinates the B.Bright clients’ projects processes at all stages. Evgeniya has been working in PR for over 10 years. Prior to joining B.Bright, Evgeniya gained extensive experience in PR managing different projects for a wide range of internationally renowned companies, including FMCG, financial, Internet, consumer electronics and energy sector companies.
Dmitry Zavrazhnov
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Dmitry Zavrazhnov</span>

Chief Strategist

With over twenty years of experience in international marketing consulting and seventeen years of teaching experience (MBA and EMBA levels), Dmitry is highly proficient in business strategy, marketing strategy, global branding, behavioral economics and trend analysis. Dmitry is a Certified Professional Marketer (PCM AMA) by the American Marketing Association.
Irina Sorokina
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Irina Sorokina</span>

Business Development Director

Irina is a graduate of the Moscow State University, Philosophy department, where she researched the influence of Confucianism on the evolution of the modern Chinese society. Upon graduation Irina went on to complete one-year internships at the Peking University and the Peking University of Business and Economics. In 2014 she obtained an international MBA degree from the Peking University, and in 2016 graduated from Higher School of Economics, where she completed a Russian-French Master's program in Executive Coaching and Business Consulting.Irina has vast experience working in managerial positions in sales and business development, both domestically and abroad. Her other fields of expertise include devising and implementing business strategies for Russian companies in Asia, matters of e-commerce in China, facilitation and coaching work with management, as well as advisory work for the government.Irina received a number of awards, including the Success Story Award from the Hong Kong Business Association, the 2015 Best Manager in China Award (Aristos award) as well as the 2015 Commendation of the President of the Russian Federation.